TANNER GARLICK received a BFA in Illustration from Brigham Young University in 2019. While in school he interned at Hasbro as a visual development artist, he also worked with Jake Parker and Inktober, along with SVS Learn for whom he continues to work today.

When he's not drawing, he enjoys being outside, learning about wildlife, running, eating hamburgers and curry, spending time with family, and learning languages (speaks English, Cambodian, and Thai; working on Vietnamese and Mandarin Chinese).

Tanner currently lives in Provo, UT with his darling wife, Kathleen.

Let’s be friends! I’ll even help you move:)

 Clients and Work Experience


Podcast Manager, Society of Visual Storytelling

Oct 2017- Present

Have responsibility to create bi-weekly illustrations, shownotes, and manage the 3 Point Perspective Podcast. Have also done video editing, uploading courses, general studio duties.


Studio Assistant, Jake Parker

May 2015- Present

Upon completion of an internship was hired as a studio assistant to Jake Parker, (mrjakeparker.com) Have flatted and helped shade Skyheart: Search for the Star Seed, and flatted The Twelve Sleighs of Christmas. Have done turnarounds, website development, and other general studio duties.

Also am a member of the Inktober team and have helped create promotional material and brand building. 


Visual Development Intern, Hasbro

May 2018- Aug 2018. Pawtucket, Rhode Island

Was apart of the Integrated Play team. Which is where toys and technology meet at Hasbro. Worked on conceptual illustrations, character designs, storyboards, an animatic, a prototype painting, and ideation. Worked with a team of interns to pitch an idea to executives. Worked on a large variety of brands and in a studio environment with art directors, engineers, and marketers.